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Looking through some of my Traffic Exchanges (and the ones I'm a member of) I noticed a pattern with my banners and texts ads and I was quite shocked to see that i was missing out on some AMAZING amounts of traffic...

As you may be aware banner and text promotions are an EXCELLENT tool for not only branding but are a low cost advertising option that can be easily overlooked BUT the biggest problem is that it's not very targeted and a lot of the time you can receive thousands of views with no real focus... Until now!


Czech Rep - France - Germany - Hungary - India - Indonesia - Italy - Malaysia - Netherlands
Australia - Belgium - Brazil - Pakistan - Philippines - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Russia
Serbia - Slovakia - UK - US - Bulgaria - Canada - China

Our current LIVE stats that YOU are missing out on!

Currently we are listing YOUR Banner promotions on 803 DIFFERENT locations

Currently we are listing YOUR Text Ad promotions on 267 DIFFERENT locations


You can target your promotions and know that ONLY people from THAT country will see your promotions so this means you can GEO target groups with specific messages or banners and ensure a higher CTR for your promotions.

Now to start off the promotions we'll be showing your Text Ads & Banners on GREAT locations like: - - - - - - - and SO many more...




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